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Our Story

It all started from a doodle on a napkin. I was seated at a diner in the Bronx, my plate pushed to the side, with my water glass slowly dripping condensation into growing puddles in the middle of the table. Folding a napkin in half, I pressed my lips down over it to blot my lipstick. I noticed it was a perfect kiss. The image struck me and I thought about how beautiful that reminder was…in one moment I went from thinking about my to-do list, to thinking about love, hope, compassion, and connection. Suddenly I felt the need to sketch a transposition of the globe onto those lips, which felt like a way of kissing the whole world.

I kept the napkin with me for weeks, and began developing ideas for a jewelry and apparel company that could communicate this message of love and compassion in a way that could support our fellow humans in need. Kiss the World is all about tapping into  this powerful desire to heal the world through beauty, and we do this by curating and creating designs that inspire the individual, reminding us of what is possible, and generating change on a larger scale through love and mindful giving. 

A portion of every single purchase is gifted to a charity in need. In this way, we affect the world at large by making tangible change in the lives of those struggling to make ends meet.