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"From Dance to Unity: A Retiring Dancer's Journey to Create a Symbol of Love"


Step into the captivating world of Giselle Samson, a seasoned professional dancer who had graced stages around the nation, knowing that the final curtain call was nearing. As her dance career approached its twilight, she felt the urge to continue contributing creatively to the world. On the day of one of her last auditions, she sat in her car, preparing for the next chapter of her life. While touching up her makeup and blotting her lips on a napkin, a flood of memories rushed in. She recalled a moment shared with the late Michael Jackson, who had urged her to use her talents to help save the world. In that reflective moment, she glanced down at the napkin, only to discover a perfectly shaped blotted lip that sparked an idea. A vivid vision of the world unfolded in that simple lip print, inspiring her to create a symbol that could promote unity and love. In a burst of creativity, a brand symbol materialized in her mind – a tangible representation of her commitment to making a positive impact. Her transformative journey from the spotlight of the dance stage to the creation of a symbol that transcends boundaries has been a deep passion. Giselle hopes you join her vision to help blossom a movement, as she encourages people to wear and promote this symbol, fostering unity and love while giving back to the world she holds so dear.